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eDoula is an evidence-based app that revolutionizes how families learn about, prepare and plan for their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. We emphasize proven strategies to enhance physiologic birth through education, daily practice, triage and planning.


Learn Throughout Your Pregnancy

Curated and taught by the best doulas, obstetricians, and childbirth healthcare professionals.


Your Daily Practice

Hone skills and techniques to be prepared and confident for pregnancy, birth, and parenting.


Problem Solve

Find useful answers to common questions and put them into practice!


Build a Support Team

Get your partner on board. Because you arent meant to do this alone!

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Labor mode

Time your contractions, communicate with your loved ones and announce the birth!

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Make a Great Birth Plan

That puts you in charge of your personalized birth experience.

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Find them when you need them.


The birthing process can be scary. We're here to help.

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    Carefully chosen pregnancy content.

    Not sure what you should know about pregnancy and childbirth? Doulas and doctors have teamed up to empower you how to be your best – based on evidence and science. Easy to use videos are suggested to you all throughout your pregnancy. We cover all the issues that you may be concerned about and teach you useful tools and techniques to overcome the inevitable aches and pains of pregnancy. Practice pelvic mobility, breathing, and labor positions and you can be confident you’re well prepared!

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    Your questions, answered.

    Something comes up that you don't expect? We have an easy to use search function that takes you straight to brief videos by expert doulas, curated by our obstetric team that answer your questions. Useful tips and techniques covering issues from back ache to sexuality and everything in between.

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    Bring your team on board.

    It takes a village, right? We all need support, especially in pregnancy and childbirth. Invite your team, partner, family and friends to join you in the app, watch the same videos and enjoy the content that you think would be help them best support YOU. We have videos that teach a great foot rub as well as support during labor.

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    Putting it all together.

    Everyone has a plan but how do you remember it? We have an app for that! Put your learning and coping strategies together and make your wishes known as you progress through your pregnancy with the help of eDoula. Create your birth plan as you go, bit by bit, and have something you can share with your team when birth is close.

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    After the birth.

    So much support just seems to melt away after your baby is born. At eDoula we know this, and we're still here for you. We have just as much curated content to help with breastfeeding, newborn care and many other of the challenges that new parents face.

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