“I felt unprepared for labor and having this information so easy and accessible is great! The short videos are perfect! I like that you can share with several people and the go-bag checklist was very useful.”

Jeanine, mom

“This is a great app for families, doulas and labor nurses. It has great videos explaining how to support patients during labor. It shows different stretches and movements for early and active labor as well as pushing positions and more. The videos are short and informative!”

Kristen, RN

“There’s so much information online and social media, it’s hard to know what to listen to. Thankfully I can trust eDoula because the information is vetted by doulas and OBs!”

Natalie, mom

Delivered with love and compassion

Founded by doulas and doctors to help create the best birth experience for everyone. Based on wisdom and science.

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What is eDoula?

Doulas are professional coaches to guide you through the pregnancy, birth, and parenting journey. Doulas have been shown to decrease rates of unplanned cesarean rates by as much as 30%. eDoula is an evidence-based app connecting you and your partner with doula wisdom, daily practice, and tools.

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Curated by the best doulas, obstetricians, and childbirth healthcare professionals.


Daily short practice routines that will have you prepared for birth.


Get your partner on board. Because you aren’t meant to do this alone!

Plans for your birth

That put you in charge of your personalized birth experience.

Virtual visits

With professionals who will support you throughout your journey. Coming soon!

Birth is beautiful.
Birth is powerful.
Birth needs a team.

Bettina Paek

Dr. Bettina Paek

Co-Founder / eDoula


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